Yin & yang from the series Clothes, 100 X 80 acrylic on canvas [Poznań-Warszawa 2016]




I created a new painting. Here are the colours: red such as strawberry red; bottle green, pistachio, olive; glow-worm green or green of young beech leaves, emerald green of dry nettle leaves, grass green of fresh parsley. Turquoise, queen’s blue, pink and magenta. Blue navy like a sports Maserati car. Indygo of indigofera from the family of Fabaceae. Pale orange and white à la double cappuccino on milk. Greyish black, ashen black. True black type ‘noir’. Yellow lemon and yellow that is tired of a lengthy summer.

There is also some sticky glue that has a shade similar to plaster. I haven’t finished applying it yet though.

[13 IV 2016]