Christmas Time or Woman, Carp and Red Background from the series Clothes, 100 X 80 acrylic on canvas [Poznań 2016]

This painting was created after my meeting with Tomasz Kalitko. We talked about art and crime films. Soon after, my painting and one of Kalitko’s works inspired Łukasz Badowski to create lateral crime riddles. The one inspired by Woman, Carp and Red Background was titled Mokra robota [Wet work], broadcast on 12 January 2016 on Łukasz Badowski’s live programme Z innej planety [From another planet] on Radio Dla Ciebie, Warsaw.

Wet work (author: Łukasz Badowski; translated to English by John Comber)

When Assistant Commissioner Henryk Grundig entered the flat on Targowa Street in the Praga district of Warsaw, he didn’t yet realise that he should have brought some headache pills with him. It wasn’t the amount of blood. Grundig had already got use to that, although three corpses at once (and today of all days) was a kind of record.

The thing was that nothing about the whole affair made sense. The police had apparently been called by a woman. And there was indeed a woman in the hall, except that she was dead. She’d been identified as Genowefa Kasprzak. So the chap in the armchair with a hole in his head was presumably her husband, Waldemar. So far so good. Genowefa was still holding the pistol in her hand. But who was this young guy lying dead in the bathroom? The son? He’s got some dodgy documents on him with the name of Yevgeny Tonsil. The son-in-law? Apparently the Kasprzaks don’t have a daughter.

What’s going on? Who killed whom? How does it make sense? Where’s the motive…? Assistant Commissioner Grundig regretted having taken the blasted overtime on Christmas Eve. The alternative had been to stay at home and… no! The detective preferred not to think about it. He looked at the bathroom again – the only witness to the whole massacre remained perfectly dumb. Grundig even took a kind of liking to him. But the atmosphere popped when the coroner turned up.