When asked who I am, I prefer to talk about what I do: I work as a linguist, I write formal grammars, I teach French, I paint. 

Painting gives me a lot of fun. This is my way to express what I think, what bothers me or excites me being hidden in the subconscious.

I've learned painting in the Tomasz Kalitko's atelier. I've also met and discussed about my work with Wojciech Hildebrandt, Tomasz Pieszko, Bartek Walerych, Iwona Torovin-Borowicz, Grzegorz L. Piotrowski who turned out to support me in my creation.

My texts relate to some of my favourite painters and to their works, which I appreciate for their formal and conceptual qualities.

My ink works date from before my first painting. I created dozens of works using this technique. Few of them are presented on the page. Recently I use again this technique for illustration.

There are also sketches. Some of them were created during open figurative drawing sessions at the University of Arts in Poznan.

From 26th of March till 1st of April 2017 my first exhibition - "This is my painting - these are its colors" took place.in a particular - usually white, empty and spacious - space of DA Nieszawska, in Poznan, where all the pictures were made.

 Poznań, 2017.